Pulse Diagnosis at Dragon Rises Seminars - Shen-Hammer Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is an exquisite and sophisticated means of understanding the whole person and provides incredible insight into your patients.

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Dragon Rises Seminars: Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

This is a site all about chinese pulse diagnosis, particularly the shen hammer system of contemporary chinese pulse diagnosis and the work of Dr Leon Hammer and Dr John Shen. You will find information on the history of the shen-hammer system of contemporary chinese pulse diagnosis, studying it with certified instructors, seminars, workshops and classes, and links to information about some of Dr Hammer’s other work, such as contemporary oriental medicine, asking diagnosis, and his college: Dragon Rises College of Contemporary Oriental Medicine.

The Shen-Hammer system of pulse diagnosis draws on the classical traditions of Chinese medicine. However, it also benefits from centuries of development within the oral traditions of Chinese medicine, and as a result this pulse system has evolved considerably.

Students of many different schools of acupuncture theory and practice have found this method of pulse diagnosis to be compatible with, and useful in, their own practices.

This system is organized so that the most easily accessible information can be applied by the beginner, even before he or she has the experience to read the deeper subtleties of the pulse.

In this video Dr. Hammer talks about the importance and power of respect in the therapeutic environment.

A thought-provoking clinical gem, offered to the Chinese medicine community by Dr. Hammer, for the benefit of practitioners and patients.



Dr. Hammer video

Dr. Leon Hammer on Respect

Learning Pulse Diagnosis

History of the Shen-Hammer System of Pulse Diagnosis

After more than sixty years as a physician, and over forty years practicing Chinese medicine, Dr. Hammer is sharing his wisdom and experience. A series of monthly Lessons and regular website updates, funded by a non-profit foundation, will gradually reveal Dr. Hammer's incredible insights and invaluable clinical wisdom.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the experience of a Master.

These Lessons offer you access to Chinese medical knowledge that comes from the highly-respected oral tradition of the Ding-Menghe family lineage: knowledge that Dr. Hammer gained during his 28-year apprenticeship with Dr. John H.F. Shen. This ancient wisdom has evolved for the modern World through the dedication of these two remarkable men, working with hundreds of thousands of patients over decades as physicians. The result can transform your practice, and dramatically expand your understanding of this beautiful system of medicine.

This opportunity is a rare window into an ancient, often secret, realm of Chinese medicine: a depth of healing that has been made even more clinically relevant for today by two of the most respected practitioners of the twentieth century.

We hope you join us on this remarkable journey, led by a remarkable man.

Learn for free from Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

Lessons from a Master

To help students of Dr Hammer’s work stay in touch we have developed an online community forum. Here students can discuss the experiences they have in their practices and certified teachers can provide the latest information on the Shen-Hammer system of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.

History of Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Study Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Discussion forum

Online community forum of Dragon Rises Seminars and Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis