Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is an exquisite and sophisticated means of understanding the whole person and provides incredible insight into your patients.

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Dragon Rises Seminars: Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

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Conduits of Consciousness: the Orifices of the Heart in Chinese Medicine

A thesis submitted to the faculty of the National College of Natural Medicine, 2001-2012, by Stephen Higgins

Addendum to ‘Conduits of Consciousness: the Orifices of the Heart in Chinese Medicine’

“I should like to add that in my experience the stagnation to which these sources allude comes most often from `heart shock’. These are personal usually unexpected hurtful emotional experiences that cause the feeling associated with the heart to withdraw mostly for purposes of protection from further hurt.  Sudden physical trauma can cause the fright that will lead to similar stagnation. The consequences of stagnation is the attempt by the organism to move the stagnation with metabolic heat which accumulates if it does not succeed. The body considers excess heat to be a pathogen and if it cannot eliminate it, brings fluid [damp, yin] to balance it, the source of the damp heat that consolidates into phlegm [misting the orifices].” - Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.